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Extra Vergine di Oliva

Tenuta Pantano produces superior quality extra virgin olive oil – certified by the most important laboratory for the analysis of food oils and fats in Italy, recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies – the result of a path that combines passion, tradition and research.

Our olives are harvested in the veraison phase in a specific period in October lasting about 10 days, when the olive embodies the best organoleptic qualities and the oil that is extracted expresses the highest “nautical” characteristics (nutritional and pharmaceutical), while sacrificing the quantity extracted.


Badolato Marina, CZ, Italy

T e n u t a P a n t a n o ® E x t r a V i r g i n O l i v e O i l ®

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On the same day the olives are pressed “cold” (maximum temperature 27 ° C.) and the oil is filtered from the impurities of the pressing before being placed in the stainless steel tanks. A sample is immediately taken and sent to Milan to the analysis laboratories for certification.

In the tanks – filled with nitrogen to prevent oxygen coming into contact with the product from starting the oxidation processes – the oil remains for about 40 days to allow the residual suspended particles to settle on the conical bottom.

The oil is then packaged in strictly dark glass bottles – to protect the product from light – and closed with inviolable anti-topping caps to ensure the authenticity of the product and avoid possible fraud.

In this way the oil has no residue or impurities – factors that make the product rancid – and can be consumed even after a long period of time, as long as it is stored in a cool and dry place, at a temperature between 10 ° and 20 ° , away from light and heat sources.

Our extra virgin olive oil has acidity values ​​always lower than 0.30% (the maximum legal value allowed to classify an oil as extra virgin olive oil is 0.80%), peroxides below 10 (max allowed 20), polyphenols always higher than 350 mg / kg

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